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Acu in Practice: Virus Prevention + Protection Part 2

Welcome to Acu in Practice and Week 2 of community content around virus prevention and protection. This week I’m featuring a method shared by Dr. Uwe Petermann, a veterinarian and advanced instructor, practicing in Germany. Here is the method he shared which he say has brought him much success with his patients (and himself!) over the years.

1.) As prophylaxis 2 points connected by midnight-noon rule (2 Luo points with 12h interim in the meridian clock, one Yin one Yang, one on the hand and one foot, which is the best way of balance I can imagine) are SP4 (interferon point of ear acupuncture) and 3H5 (TH5) (Thymus point of the ear, both to stimulate the immune system) and as the barrier for infection in the western way, the tonsil or throat point Lu11.  2.) This is also very helpful if there is already a virus (or bacterial infection going on and symptoms occur). If the infection is already going deeper to the bronchi you can add Lu9 and if pneumonia is developing (and also if the individual suffers from chronic lung disease like COPD you must add Lu7. 3.) If a powerful laser is available (class 3B 90watt impulse or class 4 15watt cw) you can treat the throat and the tonsils locally with an additional good effect. 4.) This can be repeated every day if needed!

Thank you Dr. Petermann! To learn more about laser acupuncture, consider visiting Uwe’s website and/or purchasing his book:

*Photos courtesy of Dr. Uwe Petermann’s website.

This post is created by Nell Ostermeier, DVM, CVA and is intended for informational use not to replace medical advice. You can learn more about the author and additional cases at

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