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Our goal is to promote integrative medicine as the gold standard of patient care and to improve work-life happiness in the veterinary field at the global level.

About the Founder

Nell Ostermeier is an Integrative Veterinarian,

 Motivator, Lecturer, and Consultant.

Nell Ostermeier, DVM, CVA, FAAVA
Founder, People + Pet Integrative Therapies

Nell Ostermeier, DVM, CVA, FAAVA

Nell helps veterinarians effectively implement integrative medicine into their practice in order to achieve a faster return-on-investment for their newly earned skillset, while enhancing patient care, job satisfaction and work-life happiness.

She received her Doctorate from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2004 and has been practicing veterinary acupuncture and integrative therapies at the Lombard Animal Hospital in Portland, OR since 2010. ​

Nell has successfully held multiple roles in the veterinary field including practice owner, associate, and relief veterinarian. She is an educator for the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society  and lectures at conferences across the U.S and internationally.


How we help veterinarians.

We help veterinarians effectively implement integrative medicine into their practice in order to achieve a faster return-on-investment for their newly earned skillset.


We aim to motivate and support veterinarians on their journey to Integrative medicine  through teaching and presentations. 


We work directly with vets to provide high impact business-oriented training for seamlessly integrating alternative modalities, catered for their specific needs and on-the-job demands.


We help veterinarians reach their ideal version of practice, with a focus on work-life happiness for long term sustainability.


Our philosophy.

We believe that combining Eastern and Western medicine is the most balanced and effective way to treat  patients today, People + Pets. 


Western medicine provides immediate relief while acupuncture and Eastern medicine support the body's innate healing processes for long term wellness. 


Integrative medicine allows the provider to  "cherry pick" the very best conventional and alternative options to obtain the best results for the patient.


Practicing responsible Integrative medicine means doing it the right way - obtaining appropriate certification and keeping up with research and continuing education.


Client success stories.

Here's a sample of what veterinarians are saying about our services.

-Trish London, DVM, CVA

Dr Nell has been my teacher and mentor since 2015. She somehow can take complex Chinese theories ( pulse diagnosis) and make them seem very simple and easy to implement .  She has experience with a wide variety of species with acupuncture.  I always appreciate her input on any case I consult on her with . 

Dr. Nell is amazing!  She has cared for our family pets for over 10 years.  She is a fabulous teacher and knows how to explain things in a manner easy to understand.  Her expertise, dedication, compassion and caring have helped us through some difficult times as well as keeping our pets as healthy as they can be.  

Working side by side with Dr. Nell on People and Pet Day is one of my favorite days each month.  It has expanded my understanding of Chinese Medicine in a way I could not have experienced working with people alone.  It is truly a special experience for people, pets and practitioners alike.                                                              

                                                                                          - Karri, RN, LAc

- Robert Duvall, DVM

After I had been practicing acupuncture for 5 years, Nell helped me refine my point locations and gave me great teaching tips to better mentor other veterinarians. Her teaching style is energetic, dynamic, and flexible. She responds to individual learning styles by including practical illustrations, clear reference materials, and interactive and hands-on training. Her extensive knowledge of business practices and her ability to communicate concepts helped me recognize areas in my own practice where I could improve profitability and patient care.

                                                               -Michelle, DVM, CVA

- Robert Duvall, DVM


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