Wellness Coaching for Pet Owners

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How we help pets + their people.

We work with people around the world to help their pets live a happier, healthier, more comfortable life. 

Nutrition Plans

Food is love! And choosing the food that is best for your beloved pet can be overwhelming. We help you make those choices based on what will add to your pet's health and happiness. 

Virtual Visits

Dr. Nell will help you help your pet by providing education and tools that can be applied in the home to better your pets life and improve their comfort level.  These tools include food therapy, acupressure massage, herbal formulas and supplements. 


We LISTEN and pay attention to details giving your pet the individualized options they deserve. We PARTNER with people to care for their pets, giving you the knowledge and skills to enhance your pet’s life at home.  While our relationship is created through a virtual connection, it is very REAL to us. 

Owner success stories.

Here's a sample of what veterinarians are saying about our services.

I just want to thank you for your patience and positive attitude even as I scramble and fret and throw a million questions your way. I feel heard (finally) about many of Star’s ongoing issues, and I can’t wait to help her feel better!

- Erica + Star

Dr. Nell has been so good with Maggie and helped her immensely with a shoulder injury and providing a much better quality of life for her. Maggie loves her carrots, peas and sweet potatoes on her dog food and they have helped her lose weight -- along with guidance of Dr. Nell.

– Patty + Maggie 

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