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Expert Help for Pet Parents

Download The 5 Best Ways to Keep Your Senior Pet Happy & Healthy

Dr. Nell is not currently taking new patients. You may still reach out  and she will do her best to respond.

How we help pets + their people.

We work with people around the world to help their pets live a happier, healthier, more comfortable life. 

 "At Home" Courses

We believe in empowering pet parents through education. While vet care is  100% necessary for optimum wellness and the treatment of illness, much can be done AT HOME to add to your pet's health and happiness. Dr. Nell shares this knowledge with you through her expert led "on demand" courses. 

Virtual Visits

Dr. Nell will help you work toward your pet's best life by creating a personalized plan that you can follow. Plans can be integrated safely + smoothly into their current healthcare and include natural options: food choices/nutrition, herbal formulas, supplements + acupressure massage . 

Please go to "schedule virtual visit" for more information on the format, the value and what's included. 


We LISTEN and give you and your pet the undivided attention that you deserve.

We PARTNER with people to care for their pets. While our relationship is created through a virtual connection, it is very REAL to us.  Dr. Nell's intention is to continue  that relationship for as long as needed to support you and your pets. 

 Success Stories

Here's a sample of what pet parents are saying about our services.


I just want to thank you for your patience and positive attitude even as I scramble and fret and throw a million questions your way. I feel heard (finally) about many of Star’s ongoing issues, and I can’t wait to help her feel better!

- Erica + Star


Dr. Nell has been so good with Maggie and helped her immensely with a shoulder injury and providing a much better quality of life for her. Maggie loves her carrots, peas and sweet potatoes on her dog food and they have helped her lose weight -- along with guidance of Dr. Nell.

– Patty + Maggie 

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