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Acu in Practice: Creative Points - Kidney 27

Welcome to acu in practice! This week I'm posting live from the acupuncture course in Corpus Christi, Texas where we are working at the barn with some wonderful horses. Today, Dr. Schafer had the chance to treat one of his favorite points - Kidney 27. Because the Kidney channel runs from the chest to the rear foot, and this is the endpoint, it can draw pain away from the hind limb. Classically this point also resolves phlegm and locally it can be used to reduce cough.

While it is treated more often in Equine patients, it can also be very useful for smaller companion pets such as cats and rabbits who are not receptive to needling the hind feet.

This point is located 1 can lateral and distal to the proximal end of the manubrium and is typically treated bilaterally.


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