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Acu in Practice: Gracie ages Gracefully

Welcome to Acu in Practice! Gracie is a 12 year, 10-month old German Short Haired Pointer who has been receiving acupuncture routinely for 6 years. Originally, she came for anxiety. Gracie is a Metal element constitution who experiences stress when things are out of order or there is a change in routine. She also gets nervous with travel. She pants, shakes and sometimes vocalizes. However, she absolutely loves acupuncture! In addition to treating anxiety, I have included a variety of acupuncture points over the years to release musculoskeletal tension, support the joints, and nourish the liver and kidneys. Gracie has utilized herbal formulas such as Happy Wanderer (by Kan Herb) and Serene Spirit (by Golden Flower). As a younger dog, Gracie had bilateral cranial cruciate ruptures and surgical stabilization, so points have always been included to help prevent arthritis. As a senior patient, I am amazed that the only change in mobility she has experienced is a slight increase in difficulty when jumping into the car. There is no doubt that acupuncture has contributed to Gracie aging so gracefully!

Typical Acupoints used for Gracie*:

Liver Qi Stagnation/Yang Rising/Internal Wind: GV 20, GV 14, LIV 13, LIV 3, GB 20,

BL 18 (sedation technique)

Nourish Blood (high level of activity/athletic/history of ligament rupture): BL 17

Nourish the Kidney and Yin: BL 23, KID 3

Qi stagnation in the Channels: GB 21, SI 9, BL 60, BL 54, GB 29, GB 34 (influential for sinews)

*Not all points are treated at each visit. Rotated based on most prominent signs/patterns.

This post was created by Nell Ostermeier, DVM, CVA, FAAVA and is intended for informational use, not to replace medical advice.


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