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Acu in Practice: Helping Nelson use His Hindlimbs!

Welcome to Acu in Practice! Say “Hello” to Nelson, an adult male rabbit who sustained an injury leading to lumbosacral stenosis and hind limb paresis. Nelson has become remarkably more energetic and mobile since beginning acupuncture. He receives a combination of traditional needling, electrostim, and aquapressure using vitamin B12. One of his biggest milestones so far is that he is now able to bring his hindlimbs underneath him to stand and move. He is an amazing rabbit with dedicated owners who also massage his back shu points at home. Nelson will continue his treatments monthly in order to treat the problem but also as a preventative measure to slow down the progression of degenerative disc disease. Nelson’s owners report he always feels better after treatments and that integrative medicine has restored his energy and unique personality!

A sample acupuncture treatment may include:

GV 20, GV 14, Lumbar BH, BL 20, BL 23, GV 4, BL 26, BL 54, GB 29, GB 34, ST 36, BL 60-KID 3

Electroacupuncture choices depend on tension and trigger points palpated during the appointment. Points often include BL 20, BL 23, BL 26, BL 54, GB 29, GB 31.

This point was created by Nell Ostermeier, DVM, CVA, FAAVA and is intended for informational use, not to replace medical advice.


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