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Acu in Practice: Laser acupuncture for forelimb soreness

Welcome to acu in practice! Say “hello” to Oscar (cairn terrier) and Vinnie (pomeranian – chihuahua). They are both proud canines who do not wish to disclose their age … so we will just say they are seniors. They both have established arthritis and recently we have been using laser therapy, in addition to needle acupuncture, to treat forelimb soreness. Oscar’s soreness is presumed to be compensatory due to hindlimb weakness/arthritis and Vinnie has established arthritis in his elbows. They receive acupuncture using an even needle technique regularly (monthly) for Bony Bi (arthritis) and other age-related issues. Now, they are also receiving laser therapy with the Multi Radiance Activet Pro on the acupoints SI 9 and Zhou Shu. The setting is 50 hz for 1 minute per point and we have seen positive effects, including increased comfort.

Oscar has never been a fan of needling his forelimb points or the points around his ankle. He appreciates the laser therapy as an alternative for these sensitive area.

Vinnie tolerates needling well, but he actually LIKES the laser. He also receives regional laser therapy over the lumbar spine weekly using the Companion Class 4 laser.


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