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Acu in Practice: Managing Neuro signs in Beau the Bunny

Welcome to Acu in Practice! This is Beauregard, a senior rabbit who receives acupuncture to counteract the effects of presumed E. Cuniculi infection and to support his immune system. E. cuniculi is very difficult and frustrating to diagnose in a a living rabbit, thus the diagnosis is made based on a combination of labwork/titers and clinical signs. E. Cuniculi is not well understood and there are many different opinions in the veterinary world on how to approach it. One reason that TCM and acupuncture are so valuable to these types of patients with complicated chronic disease is that we can help in the absence of a definitive diagnosis.

For Beauregard, his symptoms are mainly neurologic in nature and have been much improved with the acupuncture. We also know that his immune system is not as strong as it should so we include points for that too. Lastly, the Heat of the Pathogen invasion has significantly damaged his Yin, which can also be addressed using TCM.

TCM Patterns:

Wei Qi Deficiency

Kidney Yin Deficiency

Blood deficiency with Internal Wind

TCM treatment principles:

Tonify the Wei Qi and the organs involved: Kidney, Spleen, Lung.

Nourish Yin and Blood

Dispel Internal Wind

Typical Acupoint RX for Beau:

GV 20, GB 20, GV 14, BL 13, BL 20, BL 23, SP 6, ST 36, LI 10, LI 4

*When patient is feeling weak or low, less points are used.

*2-4 points are usually chosen for Vitamin B12 aqua pressure to obtain the positive effects for a longer duration of time as well as to benefit from the actions of the B12.

I have been treating Beau since 2014 in conjunction with his conventional veterinarian, and he has had an overall improved quality of life since that time. Of course, he develops additional problems from time to time, but because he has dedicated owners and frequent visits, we are able to address the problems quickly and help him to return to a state of balanced health with Integrative care.


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