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Acu in Practice: Multi Modal Therapy for Sore Senior Bodies

Welcome to Acu in Practice! I’ve featured laser puncture a few times and I’ve gotten quite a few questions about which laser I use. I actually use 2 lasers - the superpulsed Multiradiance Activet Pro is my preferred laser for laser puncture, especially for pets who are needle phobic or simply do like specific points needled. But, I’ve also had my Companion Class 4 laser for about 10 years and find it very useful for treating larger regions of the body that are sore. In Ty’scase (pictured here), I use multimodal treatments to get results - needle acupuncture (which he tolerates very well), Vitamin B12 aquapressure (for the benefits of B12 and if he is feeling antsy - not wanting to sit for the full 12-15 minutes), and Class 4 therapeutic laser for whichever area(s) of his body are the most sore or stiff that day. We bounce around from hips, to right shoulder, to right wrist to lumbar spine depending on his symptoms. We choose 1-2 areas per visit and my assistant performs the treatment. Ty is a senior pet with established, generalized arthritis. He has been able to take longer walks since beginning the integrative program and he is sleeping ALOT better. His plan consists of acupuncture, laser, herbal formulas, food therapy and NSAIDs. Recently, he had a slip causing an exacerbation of intervertebral disc inflammation and lost his CP in one hind limb. Thankfully, with the multimodal care, we were able to get it back!

Ty’s TCM Diagnosis is Kidney Yin (primarily) and Qi (minimal and improved) deficient Bony Bi Syndrome with Stagnation in multiple Channels. We are also looking out for Spleen weakness and Blood deficiencies that will surface over time with the Kidney deficiency. A typical Acu Point prescription for Ty is: GV 20, GV 14, Lumbar BH, BL 23, GV 4, BL 17, BL 20, GB 21, LI 10, ST 36 left, SP 6 right, GB 34 left, GB 41 right. LI 10 is sometimes really tender for Ty and in that case, I will use theMulti Radiance Medical Activet Pro laserpuncture which adds one more modality! Whatever it takes...

This post is created by Nell Ostermeier, DVM, CVA, FAAVA and is intended for informational use not to replace medical advice. You can learn more about the author on her website or People + Pet Integrated or at on IG.


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