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Acu in Practice: Quick protocol - Thanksgiving, Food Stagnation and Pacreatitis

Welcome to Acu in Practice! This week in the USA we are celebrating Thanksgiving which entails A LOT of eating. We commonly see companion pets in the hospital for gastroenteritis and pancreatitis following the holiday either because they have been treated too much to table food or they have treated themselves while no one is looking! Thus, today is a reminder of the acupuncture points that can be helpful for acute pancreatitis and food stagnation:

BL 20 – Association point for the Spleen/Pancreas

BL 21 – Association point for the Stomach

ST 36 – Master point for the Abdomen, moves Stagnation, Harmonizes Digestion

SP 6 – Master point for the Caudal Abdomen, moves Stagnation with ST 36, tonifies Spleen

PC 6 – Master point for the Cranial abdomen, empirical for nausea

CV 12 – alleviates food stagnation, benefits transformation and transportation

CV 8 (moxa) – harmonizes digestion, used for Gastrointestinal problems.

Of course, each patient will present uniquely, but these points are a good place to start!


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