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Acu in Practice: Strategies for Seniors with Multiple Patterns - 1

Welcome to Acu in Practice! This week I want to remind you that the Extraordinary vessels are not “extra!” They can actually be part of your core treatment plans, especially for senior pets because they offer access to Yuan (Source) Qi and Jing Essence.

Does anyone else see lots of senior patients with mixed patterns that include Kidney deficiency, Spleen deficiency/Stomach signs, Blood deficiency and Shen disturbances? Ok good, it’s not just me. (see my friend KOKO in the photo - she has renal insufficiency, chronic pancreatitis, a picky appetite, dental disease, dry skin, and mental restlessness) I’ve found that using the Chong Mai in these senior patients and patients with chronic diseases that include these patterns, can be very helpful in achieving more noticeable and longer lasting effects with acupuncture. The Chong Mai connects pre and post natal essence (the fuel of life) as well as the Kidney, Digestive System, and Heart. This vessel also nourishes and regulates the flow of Blood. Thus, it can be very useful in patients with the mixed patterns listed above. When using the Chong Mai, or any extraordinary vessel, be sure to use food therapy and/or herbs to supplement Post Natal Essence and conserve Pre Natal (Jing) Essence. Since the extraordinary vessels will draw from the Jing, we certainly want to be cautious in how much we use them.

Acupoints Associated with the Chong Mai: SP 4 - Opening Pt. PC 6 - Closing Point Point of Origin - ST 30 Intersecting Points - CV 1, CV 7, ST 30, KID 11 - KID 21

This is also a good time to remind everyone that as an active IVAS member you have access to amazing resources in the “members only” section of the website. In particular, you can access Dr. Linda Boggie’s amazing set of notes on the Extraordinary Vessels. You will find the notes under “COURSE DOCUMENTS” in the members only section. Checking out the most current set of notes can be a great review and help to keep your TCM practice fresh and up to date.

This post is created by Nell Ostermeier, DVM, CVA, FAAVA and is intended for informational use, not to replace medical advice.


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